Terms of use

1. Basic concepts

1.1. "ROO Professional Ukraine" - location 49000, c. Dnipro, st. Vikonkomivska 12.
1.2. Site - a website located on the Internet at: https://rooprofessional.com/, including all its pages.
1.3. User - a person who has access to the Site through the Internet and uses the Site.

2. General provisions

2.1. This agreement is concluded between ROO Professional Ukraine, which provides access to the Site, and the User.
2.2. The User Agreement regulates the procedure for using the resources, services and features of the Site, which are provided by ROO Professional Ukraine.
2.3. Both registered and unregistered Users of the Site can use the interactive resources of the Site.

3. Personal information and security

3.1. In some cases, ROO Professional Ukraine may ask you to provide personal information. The information provided is used in the processing of requests on the Site, to provide the visitor with access to special information and marketing purposes.
3.2. The User's personal information is processed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine dated June 01, 2010 No. 2297-VI "On the Protection of Personal Data" and the "Privacy Policy", indicated in the relevant section on the Site.
3.3. In order to provide visitors with up-to-date information, the Site, with the explicit consent of the User, may send informational messages to the e-mail address and / or phone number indicated when contacting. The user can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.
3.4. The Site uses "cookies" technology, with the help of which the Site is configured to work personally with the User.
3.5. The transfer of information between the User and the Site takes place using a secure data transfer protocol "https", which guarantees the confidentiality of the transmitted information.
3.7. The information on the Site is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice.

4. Use of site materials

4.1. Copyrights to the materials of the Site, resources, services, unless otherwise indicated, belong to ROO Professional Ukraine.
4.2. Copying site materials without the prior written consent of "ROO Professional Ukraine" is prohibited.
4.3. All titles, names, trademarks, symbols and slogans duly registered are the property of their respective owners. Site materials do not use the © and/or TM icons to identify them.

5. Final provisions

5.1. The User accepts the terms of this Agreement in case of actual use of the Site. In this case, the User understands and agrees that "ROO Professional Ukraine" will regard the fact that the User uses the Site as acceptance of the terms of the Agreement from the corresponding moment in time.
5.2. The activity of "ROO Professional Ukraine" is carried out in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Any claims, disputes, official appeals will be considered exclusively in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.
5.3. The terms of this Agreement may be changed by "ROO Professional Ukraine" unilaterally. The text of the current Agreement is available at https://rooprofessional.com/en/polzovatelskoe-soglashenie/.