Hair cutting scissors ROO Professional R3166 Arkansas 6"
Hair cutting scissors ROO Professional R3166 Arkansas 6" Hair cutting scissors ROO Professional R3166 Arkansas 6"

ROO Professional R3166 Arkansas 6"

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About this product

ROO Professional R3166 Arkansas 6" are lightweight professional hairdressing scissors with narrow blades. Designed for the most delicate and precise work.

► Arkansas scissors ("Arkansas") got its name from the natural stone that is used to sharpen and finish the scissors. The extremely fine particle size, uniform structure, and composition of 99.5% SiO2 make these stones the best for cutting tools.

► "Crane Design" with full offset rings allows you to work all day long without burdening your shoulders. Thanks to this design of the scissors, you can hold them in the correct working position without lifting your forearm.

► Extremely narrow blades are ideal for extremely precise work. At the same time, we tried to make these scissors also light, making them lighter with additional holes on the leading blade.

► 440C is one of the most popular American stainless steels. Among the advantages of this steel, it should be noted a high hardness of 59-61 HRC, excellent resistance to wear and the formation of oxides, which makes it ideal for professional hairdressing scissors.

► The Silver No.3 Ball Bearing consists of a screw, a high-precision micro-bearing, a fixing washer, and an adjusting nut. This design provides the smoothest cut possible and eliminates the need for frequent adjustments.

► The concave inner surface of the blades with additional honing significantly reduces the friction of the blades during operation. As a result, the wrists do not experience additional stress with each closing of the scissors.

► The mirror polished metal surface is much easier to disinfect and keep clean. This reduces the chance of fungus and bacteria forming on the surface of the instrument.

► Replaceable O-rings made of flexible polymer material do not allow the scissors to slip out of your hands during operation and allow you to make the diameter of the rings right for your fingers.

► The thumb ring is angled. This arrangement reduces the likelihood of chafing or pinching your thumb during repeated, repetitive motions while clipping.

► The integrated "convex" cutting edge allowed to increase the sharpening angle to a maximum of 38 degrees. As a result, both straight and sliding cuts can be perfectly easily performed with scissors.

► 100% hand sharpening with precision tools guarantees a razor-sharp cutting edge.


Class Arkansas***
Ergonomics Crane Design
Right-handed / Left-handed Right
Size 6 in
Steel 440C
Weight 1.7 oz
Surface Polished
Cutting Blade Convex
Slicing Yes
Screw Group Silver No.3 Ball Bearing
Stopper Silicone Removable
Finger Rest Integrated
Equipment Oil, Adjustment Key

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